Photos & Important Details

Private Cottage Concept (Mountain View)

About the Cottage

The standalone cabin design is based around a tranquil jungle retreat.   This Puerto Rican Inspired extended location is designed for a maximum of two adults and two children or four adults.  

This unit is ideal for a couple with needs for an additional private bedroom.  The design is based intended for people seeking remote privacy and minimal expense.

There is a simple kitchenette is available, computer space for those who unfortunately need to work while on vacation and several relaxing places to enjoy the mountain breezes.  

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom



Living Room

Cabin (Before Paint)


Secured Patio

Outdoors & Nature

Banana Trees

Close Beaches

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

Tropical Flowers

What to Expect

What's Included

2 Bedrooms
(2 Queen Sized Beds)

1 Private Bathroom

Simple Kitchenette
(Mini Fridge, Plates, Microwave, Hot Plate, Sink)

Smart TV
(Connect With Your Provided Internet for Streaming)

Living Room

What's Your Responsibility

Cleaning & Trash Maintenance
(You be required to clean the home before you check out)

(Pillows and Blankets On Site - Bring Your Own Sheets and Towels)

Internet Service
(Use Your Personal Hot Spot or Phone Tethered Internet)

Utilities (Turning On & Off)

What to Expect

To help maximize space, the cooking accommodations are based around Caribbean climate and cooking style.  This includes periodic visits to a bodega or grocery store for perishable items.  Many items are best stored dry or canned (legumes, pasta, rice, pineapple, coconut).

Quality restaurants are within driving distance and suggested for evening meals.

Cleanliness and condition of all amenities will be inspected before a return of your damage deposit.

What's Included (Supplied) - Kitchenette

Serving Ware


What's NOT Included (NOT Supplied) - Reminders

To minimize costs, we do not provide resort-type items and services.  Many guests will purchase (at their cost) items they feel are important and leave behind for future guests.

Initial Utilities & Setup (You Turn On & Setup - No Support Staff Avaialble)

You will be responsible for "opening up" the cabin.  You will be provided with a "how to " video and checklist.

There is no support staff available to assist you and/or do repairs.

Your Internet & Cell Service (Not Provided)

Internet Access (Your Devices) - No Internet Provided
To minimize coasts, internet service is not provided or included. You are required to provide your own internet.  This can be accomplished via hot spot or tethering to a phone.  As a reminder, you should test and verify your devices and configuration with your provider.

Share a Mobile Connection by Hotspot on Android

Tested Cell and Internet Providers
We have tested multiple cell providers (with strong connection).  You are required to provide your own internet.  This can be accomplished via hot spot or tethering to a phone.  Tested carriers include Boost, Sprint and T-Mobile.  Many domestic plans include Puerto Rico - please verify with your selected provider.

Optional Hot Spot Rental
We can Fedex you a hotspot.  You will be charged $20 + 5/Gig for TMobile Service.  We recommend you contact your provider for options.

Air Conditioning & Furnace (Not Provided - Rare in the Caribbean)

The common temperature range for Purerto Rico is between 68-87 degrees.  Ventilation and shade is designed to allow cool breezes through with shades.  The society is a very "out doors and patio vibe."  

Please note, the facility does not have air conditioning or a furnace.  Ceiling fans are installed in the bedrooms.  Windows are designed to be left untouched (slightly ajar).  The entrance door has a security "cage" so you can leave the front screen door open.

Important Basic Information

Required Check In/Check Out

Check In (4 p.m. Saturday)
You are required to approve the condition of the unit upon check in.  You will have 1 hour to accept the condition of the unit and report any deficiencies.  You are required to report the state of the facilities upon your arrival.

Check Out (11 a.m. Saturday)
Upon leaving, we request you send a confirmation text.  We then will inform the home management staff to do an audit and check for cleanliness and damages.

Note:  You will be required to open, close and secure the facilities.

Please see [Required Email Communication]

Required Email & Text Communication (Email Only - No Phone Calls Available)

Electronic Communication Only
All communication will be through Email and Text.  For this reason, you are required to provide both validated methods to stay at this property.

Email Check In Notice
A check in note is required.  We will notify the neighbors of your arrival and car description

For your convenience, you will receive a daily email with information about the area and amenities.

Jungle Wildlife (Mammals, Reptiles & Insects)

This facility is in the foothills of the only United States Jungle.   There are not many native/indigenous Birds or Mammals on the island.  Due to the ocean breezes, it's uncommon to have flying insects in well ventilated and sunny areas.

Chances are you will hear roosters and frogs.  It's common for Caribbean countries to have feral cats, dogs and chickens.    

It is important to understand that there are native insects and reptiles none are venomous or poisonous. They will leave you alone if you leave them alone.  

No Noise/Parties, Smoking, Pets or Glass

No Noise or Parties
Corzo Blanco is located a family residential area.  This is a quiet, premium location.  Parties are not permitted under any circumstance.

Our Neighbors are friendly and observant.  They has been approved to call the police for any/all noise disturbances.  If the police are called, you will be immediately and permanently removed.  You will be instantly removed and will responsible for all rental fees.

No Smoking/Vaping
There is no smoking or vaping allowed anywhere in the home or under the eaves.

No Pets

There are no pets allowed at Choza Blanca.

No Glass
Our child stepped on a broken glass shard in a local AirBnB.  A prior tenant at that AirBnB location did not report it.  The cleaning staff did not see it.  For this reason, we feel it's best to use plastic drinkware and avoid glass items.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Required Self-Service Cleaning / Damages  (No Cleaning Service Available)

You will are required to clean up after your use.  At this time there is no cleaning services available.  It will be your responsibility to keep all kitchen appliances (including insides of Refrigerators and Microwaves) clean and functional.

Required Self-Managed Trash  (No Cleaning Service Available)

A waste receptacle is located near the entrance of the private road.   Due to the climate, and to avoid attracting insects we recommend and ask that you throw your trash daily.

Kitchen Cleanliness (No Cleaning Service Available)

Dishwashers are not used much in the Caribbean and there is no dishwasher.  You will be required to wash your own dishes.

Counter Tops
You are required to use cutting boards when cutting items.  Counter tops should be immediately cleaned with a damp rag (not scrub pad).

Safety & Security

Secured Private Parking Lot

There is a paved private parking lot with locking gate.  The gate is to remain locked at all times while you are away from the property.

Security:  Keys, Locks & Gates

Lost Keys
We can not guarantee service times if you loose your key - you may become locked out (especially overnight and on weekends).  You will be billed $100 + locksmith fees for any lost keys.

Caribbean Breeze Doors
The Caribbean Culture has most doors and windows open full time (for breezes).  We suggest locking the front steel breeze door and leaving the front door open with the screen door closed.  You can get through-ventilation by opening the windows and using the ceiling fans. 

Security Entrance Gate

We suggest to shut the gate  while you are present on the property.  Our neighbors are friendly (we are grateful for them) and love to come visit. A shut gate can assure your privacy during your stay.

You are required to lock the entrance gate at all times you are away from the property - no exceptions.

Safety:  No Hill, Jungle or Rooftop Access

Hill Side & Jungle
For your safety, you are not permitted to hike or explore in any of the jungle or hillside areas forward of the parking lot.  There is a steep drop off past the Flamboyant Tree and there are other areas of El Yunque to hike and explore.

The roof does not have security fencing.  Electrical service enters the home from the roof top.  For your safety, you are not allowed on the roof or stairs for any reason.

Reminder:  You are responsible for all losses, injuries and damages related to your stay.

Safety:  Hurricane Cables

Please note that it's common to use hurricane cables to anchor items to the ground.  We do our best to label these items.  Please be mindful when walking.

Reminder:  You are responsible for all losses, injuries and damages related to your stay.

Safety:  Emergency Flash Light

Your Personal Flash Light - It gets dark quick in the jungle .  You will need a flashlight (your phone's flashlight works great) for after dark visibility.

Emergency Lights - We have minimal battery operated Christmas lights for the event that electrical service is lost.

Reminder:  You are responsible for all losses, injuries and damages related to your stay.

Owner's Personal Items

Owner's personal Items will be left in storage closets.  We make all good-faith attempts at marking these items and securing in totes.


Office Area

You are welcome to use the office area.  Some enjoy that the office is away from sleeping areas and useful for late night/early morning use.

No Internet Provided
At this time we do not provide onsite Internet Access. Internet access can be acquired by bringing your own Internet Hot Spot or cell phone tethering.  The house is within range of most internet services you would want to use.

Smart TVs (Use Your Own Internet / Hot Spot)

You are welcome to use the smart tv connected to your internet service.  There is no cable or broadcast reception.  We do have a retro Atari 2600 video game for your use.


IMPORTANT (Read Me) - Specific Rules  

No Parties
This is in a residential area.  Out of respect of the neighbors, there will be no allowed music or party noise.

Self- Service
You are required to maintain cleanliness both to keep critters away (Ants love sticky messes) and to make it easy for final cleaning.  There are no contract cleaning services available. 

Final Close Up (Your Responsiblity - No Support Staff Available)

You will be responsible for "closing up" the cabin.  You will be provided with a "how to " video and checklist.

There is no support staff available to assist you and/or do repairs.

Not Liable for Losses, Injuries & Damages 

Management and Ownership are not liable for any losses, death or injuries resulting from your stay at Choza Blanca.

You are responsible for all losses, damages, thefts and injuries while at Choza Blanca.  This includes your immediate and invited guests.