Welcome to Choza Blanca

Your Puerto Rican Jungle Sunset 2BR Cottage
"Private Adventure Home Base"

Basic Amenities

Lomas, Puerto Rico (30 Minutes to San Juan International Airport)

Jungle - 0 Minutes  |  Ocean - 30 Minutes

Facilities -  Private Home - Ideal for Up 4 Adults
2 Bedrooms | Kitchenette | Office | Bathroom | Living Room | Patio

Photo Summary

Secure Patio

Quality Construction

Mountain Breezes

Lush Greenery

Tropical Flowers

Fruit Trees

Flamboyan Trees

Bird of Paradise

Mountain Top

About Choza Blanca "White Cottage"

Are you active?  Are you looking for a "home base" while going hiking, surfing, diving, and exploring during the day?  Chances are you're really not interested in sharing a kitchen and bathroom with several strangers.  If "Glamping " is too risky - and resorts too boring...  we're your home base.

If you like simple affordability and outdoor serenity, without the hotel resort hassles,  this is your simple solution.  Many options do not have meal preparation facilities available - this alone can save you hundreds during your stay.

Located in the foothills of El Yunque rainforest, this house is ideal for those looking to live the sane life amongst cool temps and green foliage. 

This photo illustrates the starting point of our restoration.

Visiting Puerto Rico is visiting a United States Territory.  Just walk off the plane and head toward your transportation. There are no Passports, Visas, Customs Lines (delays) or money conversions necessary when you're a US citizen. Most cell phone service and streaming subscription will work like you are on the mainland US (verify with your service provider). It's a perfect blend of modern convenience mixed with Latin and Caribbean culture with an Old World influence.